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Congratulations on your decision to begin or grow your journey in the art of eyelash


Whether you are seeking to learn a new skill, add an additional service to your

beauty menu, or have eyelash extensions be your main income, becoming an eyelash

technician can be a very successful business venture!

Hypnotic Lashes are the market leaders in the eyelash extension industry. This fantastic

service has taken the beauty world by storm. Today you are taking a step to further your

career by undertaking training in the most advanced and up to date styling techniques,

along with the most progressive products available.


A career in eyelash extensions is quite lucrative. A basic Hypnotic Lashes kit contains

everything you need to get set-up and start your new career.

The material cost per

treatment is minimal, as it is mainly a labour intensive service that your clients are paying

for– not the product.

We look forward to assisting you along your lash journey– every

step of the way!




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